Tar and Chip

Tar and chip, also known as chip seal, is a cost-effective alternative to traditional asphalt paving. This method involves applying a layer of hot liquid asphalt to the surface, followed by a layer of small stones or chips. The result is a durable, skid-resistant surface that requires minimal maintenance.

Your Tar and Chip Heros

Benefits of tar and chip solution

- Cost-effective solution compared to traditional paving methods

- Provides a rustic, natural appearance

- Durable and long-lasting surface

- Skid-resistant, making it ideal for rural roads and driveways

- Requires minimal maintenance over time

Risks of Waiting:

- Increased risk of damage to the existing surface

- Reduced lifespan of the pavement

- Higher costs for repairs or replacement in the future

- Safety hazards due to uneven or deteriorating surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions: Tar and Chip

How does tar and chip compare to asphalt paving?

Tar and chip is a more cost-effective alternative to asphalt paving and provides a unique, rustic appearance. While it may not be as smooth as asphalt, it is durable and an adequate solution for many scenarios.


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